What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 ?

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based ERP and CRM enterprise system It was built by Microsoft for maximum flexibility and extensibility, alongside Power BI reporting functions in one streamlined, unified package. . With its ERP and CRM capabilities broken down into several apps, Dynamics 365 is designed so that users can start with what they need, and grow at their own pace, adding new apps and functionalities as and when they need them. The solution will be based on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing technology service hosted on data centres around the world. It will be provided as a Software as a Service platform, meaning it will be accessed through a web browser rather than installed on individual computers. This will not only mean that any updates or fixes will be managed by Microsoft and applied automatically, but also that Dynamics 365 will be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. With intelligence built into all of these apps, Dynamics 365 will offer users predictive, actionable insights within a user-friendly, scalable platform. Dynamics 365’s flexibility will provide users with the freedom to license only the apps they need, customize them to their particular organization’s way of working, and build on that foundation as their business grows.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft's ERP business system for small and medium-sized businesses. Business Central combines a range of functionalities across operations, finance, project management and sales.

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Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.

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Achieving Efficiency Targets with ERP for Retail Companies
Modern commerce is complex, and stores need a robust retail management system on their side. Here’s how Dynamics 365 for retail can help retailers get and stay ahead. Modern retail is a complex industry; there is no cookie-cutter image of what a retailer is, what they sell, where they sell, or how they connect with their customers. Dynamics 365 for Retail is built to help retailers optimize their processes in every area of their business. Dynamics 365 for Retail, an intelligent, cloud-focused retail management app.can help businesses rise to the top in the face of the challenges of modern retail.
Enabling Digital Transformation for the manufacturing industry
As the operation of large expensive assets is often completely dependent on high-function applications and a robust systems infrastructure, manufacturing companies require 100% availability at all times. We get that, Dynamics 365 for manufacturing and distribution brands to streamline their processes with integrated applications and provide ongoing support they need to survive and thrive. As your manufacturing enterprise grows and innovates, there is a need for deeper insight into supply chain and manufacturing lifecycles, so you can manage complexities of products and keep pace with the globalization of talent and delivery. With Synoptek, you can leverage the latest digital technologies to transform your manufacturing business and stay at the cutting-edge of a changing industry, all while carefully protecting your infrastructure to ensure around-the-clock accessibility. Through our Manufacturing and Distribution Services, we help manufacturers: Increase Productivity: Make smart manufacturing decisions. Build intelligent ecosystems. Focus on product quality. Improve Efficiencies: Build smarter supply chains. Modernize existing manufacturing systems. Strive for continuous business innovation. Transform Business: Leverage digital technologies. Provide performance-based services. Drive revenue.
Business Process Reengineering before Implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Successful ERP implementation is about the needs of the business – not the software. As such, implementing organizations should determine their business process reengineering needs first, before selecting and implementing the system that best fits those needs. including the fact that it helps ensure selection of the best-fit software, and the technical implementation of the software is done faster and cheaper than if those activities were saved for the implementation phase of the project. Implementing an ERP system is a huge step that any company can take. A lot has been steps on what steps should be taken cautiously during and after implementation. Indeed, a lot of attention and care should be taken while the ERP system is being implemented BPR It will offer a great competitive advantage to your company. Yes, an ERP system is also supposed to the same, but with the reengineering step, it will just enhance the competitive streak. Before you implement ERP, you probably must have had a lot of reports and spreadsheets and data that needs to be sorted. Along with that, you will have business process fir sure that needs to be managed efficiently. Business process reengineering without the constraints of software configuration would ensure that you maintain these competitive advantages as you select and implement your new Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems.

Why NCS?

NCS is Your trusted digital transformation partner The field of digital transformation is an extremely crowded one. You have probably read about business strategy and digital transformation roadmaps from more experts than you care to remember. Is there a quick and easy way to match business strategy to the right digital transformation partner?

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Over 20 years of combined industry experience with services that enhance & optimise your Dynamics platform

NCS provide a complete range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to address all of your ERP and CRM implementation and support needs. NCS services include:


A complete set of implementation services, including provisioning, configuration, training, testing, and roll-out support services for Dynamics 365 Solutions

Business Consulting

Leverage our consultants’ deep industry expertise around business process consulting, best practices, and critical change management initiatives.

Project Recovery

Proven experience in re-energising stalled Dynamics projects for organisations who have had other partners mismanage project implementation.

Next Consulting Solutions CONTACT US

NCS- Next Consulting Solutions is a Microsoft Dynamics GOLD Partner provide Licenses, implementation and professional services specially for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM and HCM. Plus, being specialized in providing business process management and business process Re-engineering.
We also offer industry designed solution modules that are precisely tailored to each and every business need. NCS has Focused on specialize industries include but not limited to: Process and Discrete Manufacturing, Retail, Professional services, Financial services, Supply Chain Management and Distribution.
NCS- Next Consulting Solutions is formed of a collection of brilliant, knowledgeable and experienced individuals. Our Team work with Microsoft’s specially crafted Business Applications to transform our clients’ business processes. With a headcount of +16 years of Dynamics experience, your organisation’s Digital Transformation will be in safer hands.